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DermiSorb Acne Care, LLC

Manufactured by X-it Lite, LLC

Luxurious Softness

Simple to use...

Nature's secret now revealed!

Natural exfoliants quickly, gently lift away oils, make-up and more...

Renewably Sourced

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Real customers...real results!

Hello 'The Soap dude.' This is Taylor a highschool teen. Breaking out and not looking your best in highschool can sometimes break your confidence. Within the first few days of using the Dermisorb Acne Powder there was an immediate difference in my face. I had found my new glow! My pores appeared smaller and my face had a more even complexion all around. Even my dark marks started to fade a little within a week of trying this product. People in my family started to notice a slight change. I really appreciate the free trial of this product.

Taylor H.

Thanks for the sample! OMGosh this acne/face cleanser is amazing. My face looks and feels truly beautiful. How do get more?


Good morning, I have been using the cleanser twice a day since I spoke with you, it cleanses very well, I do use a makeup remover for the eye area when needed. One major thing I noticed is I don't need to put on moisturizer unless I want to. I've been leaving off moisturizer at night and letting my skin breath. My nose usually itches after cleaning my face but not with this cleanser. It may over time help to release some graveyard spots that don't seem to want to clear up. I'm thinking of making a paste and leaving it on for 5 minutes a time to conquer those spots. I hope this helps your research. My first career was in the cosmetology industry and I trained in skincare with James Fulton , PhD who is the co-developer of retin A and created the BPO product that cleared my skin 40 years ago!!!

Linda H

Hello and good morning to you . Hi Barry C (The Soap Dude).

This is Sgt . Angela again to tell you about my experience with Dermisorb Acne [cleanser]. Well last night after my shower, my face felt as if I hadn’t done such a good job during my shower. Then I remembered I had the acne soap.

So I  pulled out the sample bottle and mixed about two tablespoons full of soap and a little water for desired paste and messaged it onto my face, let it sit for about a minute, then wiped my face. Clean..., my skin was smooth, and it felt great. Thanks again!

Sgt . Angela S.

Back in High school I was very lucky to have clear smooth skin…thinking I would never struggle with acne (jokes on me) I was unpleasantly surprised when I hit my 20s and started having horrible breakouts around my mouth and chin.  I tried everything from Clearasil, Proactive, etc… but it just kept coming back every few weeks.  Barry gave me my first bottle of Dermisorb in January 2013 and I have been addicted ever since.  The only breakouts I’ve had since using Dermisorb have been when I’ve been on vacation and forgotten my travel size bottle.

Needless to say I don’t forget my Dermisorb anymore and I haven’t had a breakout in months!  I love this stuff! And I have everyone I know using it!

Amy, Banker

Hi Barry I got my samples and I used it on my face!  I can already see a difference.  I am 52 and still get Acne and this really exfoliated my skin so well. 

It just looks like sand…. And I’m the type of person the simpler the better!  Wetting hands and putting the product on my hands and just washing my face is perfect… I don’t like 3 or more diff. things you gotta put on your face.

I will definitely check the website for when I’m ready to order.  Thanks SO MUCH!!! Have a Happy New year!

Patricia J

My wife and I own an auto repair shop south of Houston, we just
purchased the shop from a gentleman that had been buying Dermisorb products and shop supplies from Barry for years.

When Barry called on
us for the first time he demonstrated the Dermisorb  cleanser. [...] My wife wanted to try the Acne Care for our teenage children. To say that we loved them is an understatement. 'Missy' used the Acne product for her face and twice a day for the children’s acne with great results.

It’s been three years and our children no longer have acne problems! That’s right! No more acne! One more thing, we still buy Dermisorb. Thanks Barry

Repair Shop Owner: 7-8-2015

The product is great. I have used it about once a week. I apply a nice amount into a hand, lather up, and wash my face. Face feels great looks great afterwards.Thanks!

Carl A

Following the instructions, a little water to dampen my palm, a quarter-sized pour of the powder... My face is now thoroughly clean and my skin is softer than ever before. I'm a customer for life!


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