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Is three weeks waiting for clear skin excessive?

In 5 days or less your acne will begin to disappear!

Best just tested even better!

Best just tested even better!

99% effective for halting the spread of COVID-19! 

From 'wealth' come solutions to problems!

Why our price is so much more reasonable & valuable (to you)!

Is this really happening?

Distributor's Corner: This past Friday, a young lady - known to me about 2.5 years now - was mentioned to me by her friend as having an expensive c...

Best value for you?

We paid the price and learned how much money you're wasting! We love comparisons! What we don't love is our customers losing money!  After testing ...

Powder vs. Liquid version?

Which is best: Powder or Liquid? Ultimately, this is a personal choice. Society has been conditioned by manufacturers and reinforced by their consu...

Liquid Dermisorb Acne Care Now Available!!!

Liquid Dermisorb Acne Care Now Available!!!

Liquid Dermisorb Acne Care is here now, & ready to ship!

Best on the market? Here's scientific proof.

Dermisorb is more powerful and effective at removing bacteria than any facial or hand cleanser any #DoctorsOffice uses, any #hospital, or used in any #OperatingRoom. There is no naturally-renewable, non-chemical, non-petroleum OTC cleanser you can buy.

Pricing correction

Pricing reflects actual prices. Previously, Shopify displayed comparative pricing as if Dermisorb Acne Care were 'on sale.' While the actual Retail...

Clean, simple labelling

Clean, simple labelling

The Dermisorb Acne Care label will soon look as clean, clear, and beautiful as you do as using our product.

Liquid Version Coming Soon!

The liquid format of Dermisorb Acne Care has entered final testing. Please watch for further announcements. Win your battle against Acne. Continue ordering the powdered form.

Is your Acne Cleanser this strong? Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, June, 2018

Bicycle grease surrenders to Dermisorb Acne Care in less than 15 seconds!