#1 Natural, Renewably-Sourced Exfoliating Skin Cleanser In The World!

Gentle enough for your face, Dermisorb Acne Care product removes almost 100% of industrial residues...

I work in an industrial setting as a maintenance technician and being dirty is something that just comes with the job. Being someone who has sensitive skin, I have to clean all of the chemicals and grease off of my hands and arms almost immediately after working. I have had a lot of experience with cleaners that are supposed to cut grease and smell good, but I find that this is not the case most of the time. Either the cleaner simply does not work, or leaves a nasty, pungent smell on my hands. Not only does the smell bother me, but it makes me reluctant to touch things that I normally would in my home like my dog, food, and spouse in a worry about what is on my hand, if it is okay to be touching them, will it be unhealthy for them or myself? This causes me to be reluctant to use the products.

I was given a sample of Dermisorb [Acne Care] and I could instantly connect with its green packaging and earthly color that gave me a sense of nature and health. When I was told about it’s organic make-up I was all-in to give the product a try. To my surprise, Dermisorb [Acne Care] left no pungent/chemically smell on my hands and cleaned the grease better than the industrial cleaners I had used my entire life! I was simply shocked.

As I showed this product to my co-workers, they were amazed by the neutrality and effectiveness of the product. It was extremely easy to use and washed off with no residual film. Dermisorb [Acne Care] left my hands feeling exfoliated and clean, providing a worry-free mindset of whether or not it would be safe to touch my food and loved ones. 

After working in an industrial setting for over 7 years, I have never experienced a cleaning product that I was actually excited to use! I would recommend Dermisorb [Acne Care] to any industrial complex, or simply anywhere that grease is present and needs to be removed. An amazing product!

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