#1 Natural, Renewably-Sourced Exfoliating Skin Cleanser In The World!

Best value for you?

We paid the price and learned how much money you're wasting!

We love comparisons!

What we don't love is our customers losing money! 

After testing more than a dozen 'top sellers' from local retain outlets, here's the results regarding how long each lasted:

Dermisorb Acne Care's 6oz powder vs. 2oz liquid, 7.1 weeks (50 days) vs. 13 days for average competitor. Bonus: Your Dermisorb product dispenses fully from its container!

Dermisorb Acne Care's 4oz gel vs. 2oz liquid, 33 days vs. 12 days for avg. competitor.

Whether liquid/gel form or powder, all Dermisorb products are sold at full strength! No fillers. No additives. No diluting liquids; full strength!

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