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Deep Tissue Acne Attack

One of our customers is now one of our biggest spokespersons! She is now helping promote Dermisorb Acne Care to everyone she knows. What follows are before pics (we've been promised 'after' pics and hope to provide those soon).

Our customer has what appears as a cystic form of acne, where deep, and very large masses form under the skin. After using DermisorbAcneCare, her pores were cleaned sufficient that, well you'll see how large one of these deep-seated cysts was. (We strongly advise removal of such large masses be addressed by a  certified dermatologist!)

Oh! and as you'll notice, when acne attacks, such attacks are not cited to any specific age group. 

In her own words:


I was just thinking of you yesterday. I have a bunch of pictures I am including, but I am waiting for a image with no blemishes. I want you to know that I truly WANT this to work, but as I thought, my type of acne is very difficult to manage and 5 days wasn't going to cut it. I was experiencing the worst outbreak in months when your product arrived. The first time I used the product the burning went away (temporarily), some of the plugs scrubbed away and my skin felt great. It has been more than a week and it has been a slow but progressively it is getting better. I am 1/2 way through the bottle and I would like to continue using it so I need a way to purchase another bottle. My boyfriend took the water-less sample since he has his hands in grease constantly, he let me know his experience shortly. [...]"


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