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Is this really happening?

Distributor's Corner:

This past Friday, a young lady - known to me about 2.5 years now - was mentioned to me by her friend as having an expensive challenge with Acne. Further details revealed she is spending over $1,500/month for her prescribed acne treatments!

What?!?!?!? I was almost in shock. I knew our highest-priced competitor markets a 3-phase product retailing for roughly $160.

Funny...I've never met a single person who edifies that product. (I'll leave that one alone right here!)

When I asked her about her 'condition,' and [prescription-only] treatment, her Dermatologist had informed her that her condition is "hormonal."


The #MayoClinic describes 4 major causes of Acne, 1 of which is "hormonal." Dermisorb Acne Care solves for all 4  major causes of Acne, including "hormonal."

She is currently testing...updates will follow soon....

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