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Powder vs. Liquid version?

Which is best: Powder or Liquid?

Ultimately, this is a personal choice. Society has been conditioned by manufacturers and reinforced by their consumer preference studies.

Developing the highest quality, customer-proven liquid product required far more testing, changes to bottling and storage techniques. For Dermisorb Acne Care, 'quality' is the ultimate factor - every time! Sure, Dermisorb could produce a lower-priced product however, as a reputable business, not willing to compete with those products at the lowest ends of the quality spectrum, those most likely found at discount retailers or outlets.

Powders - in dry form, and especially for DermiSorb - means there is a near-infinite shelf life. Liquids format products requires more effort and testing to prove a stabilized product. Powders also package and ship at lesser weights per equivalent packaging allowing Dermisorb to provide our customers the greatest possible value. (Note: powder format products are subject to occasional settling due to movement from shipping. each container may not be 100% identical in the observed height of the product you see in your package.)

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