#1 Natural, Renewably-Sourced Exfoliating Skin Cleanser In The World!


Q: DermiSorb Acne Care been tested for use and effectiveness in the battle against COVID-19?

  A: Because our product cleans by absorbency, DermiSorb Acne Care has been newly re-tested (April-2020) and proven reliable as an anti-viral, external use, skin-surface cleanser! And, nearly identical to prior laboratory testing, DermiSorb Acne care has again tested with greater than 99.99874% efficacy when blocking the spread of COVID-19 virus molecules! (Previously-test Anti-bacterial properties of DermiSorb Acne Care product lines remain just as effective!)

Q: How did DermiSorb Acne Care earn a patent for this unique cleanser?

  A: The patents states our product cleans by absorbency. DermiSorb Acne Care is a unique product and first of its kind to market! 

Q: Acne is a concern for people all ages, but especially for teenagers. Why is DermiSorb Acne Care so effective versus competing products?

  A: DermiSorb specifically addresses the 4 major causes of acne. According to the Mayo Clinic, these main factors leading to acne are:

  1. Excess oil production,
  2. Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells,
  3. Bacteria,
  4. Excess activity of a type of hormones (androgens).

  DermiSorb Acne Care's patented exfoliation process helps solve for Acne's risk factors using natural, absorbent, and renewable plant fibers.

Q: Can we begin with the last "factor" the Mayo Clinic has listed..., how does DermiSorb Acne Care help an individual when these hormonal changes occur?

  A: Hormonal changes affect oil production and expulsion on the face, neck, and occasionally on other parts of your body. The natural exfoliating & cleansing properties of DermiSorb Acne Care make this the very best product you can buy.

Q: Why is the DermiSorb Acne Care so light? It weighs almost nothing!

  A: DermiSorb Acne Care is not a sold in a liquid product form.

  • DermiSorb Acne Care products are produced in a dry, powder form and has an unlimited shelf life...relieving storage concerns.
  • In its powder form, DermiSorb Acne Care should also create zero hassles for you with airport security.
  • DermiSorb Acne Care products dispense easily from their packaging containers. Unlike competing products, no product remains stuck to the sides or at the bottom of pump bottles or squeeze tubes. You actually get what you paid for!

  A: DermiSorb Acne Care is 70% lighter than liquid-based cleansers providing a substantial reduction in shipping costs. (A single gallon weighs less than 3 pounds! ...Reducing DermiSorb's shipping weight also helps the environment.

Q: How long does DermiSorb Acne Care last?

  A: With twice-daily typical use, most clients report each 6oz. bottle lasts slightly longer than 30-45 days, often beyond that.

Q: My hands feel so soft. Why is that?

  A: DermiSorb Acne Care exfoliates and cleans your skin without using pumice, acids, or plastic beads that might abrade your hands, or chemical solvents likely to dry your skin. 

Q: Should DermiSorb Acne Care be used like a 'mask?'?

  A: No. Once washing is finished, simply rinse it off. That is the preferred method of use.

Q: What else makes DermiSorb Acne Care different?

  A: DermiSorb Acne Care contains 89.3% absorbing plant fibers - as tested by the University of Georgia.

Q: Why is the product the color it is? Why does it look like mud when damp?

  A: Dermisorb Acne Care is made from plant fibers, and when processed that is their finished color. When water is added, it has a mud-like look to it...similar to the look of some facials consumers might purchase and have applied. The absorbing properties of Dermisorb Acne Care's components function differently than most all masks applied, and should be washed off immediately after scrubbing your face with it.

Q: Can DermiSorb Acne Care be sold for certain government contracts?

  A: DermiSorb Acne Care meets the guidelines for renewable resource product under the Farm Bill Act of 2007 and meets the stringent requirements under California's Proposition 65.

Q: Is DermiSorb Acne Care harmful to waste and septic systems?

  A: DermiSorb Acne Care is biodegradable and acts to help cleanse water systems. It is also safe for septic systems.

Q: How effective is DermiSorb Acne Care on removing harmful bacteria?

  A: Lab tests have shown DermiSorb Acne Care absorbs greater than 99.974% of Staph bacteria simply by washing.

Q: Give me some extra-ordinary cleaning examples...

  A: DermiSorb Acne Care is so powerful it has been frequently demonstrated and repeatedly proven to remove grease [...see blog post], oils, permanent marker ink, paint, the smells from fish, wild game, garlic, and onions, all because of DermiSorb Acne Care's absorbent cleansing action - all of which is done without any harsh or dangerous chemicals! 

Q: Are there any applications for which DermiSorb Acne Care should not be used?

  A: DermiSorb Acne Care is not recommended for any laundering / fabric-care uses, nor on animals.

Q: Are other DermiSorb Acne Care products being developed?

  A: Yes! Several new products are currently in development, or being tested in select markets. Several new products will be introduced soon. When returning to re-order more products, please be sure to review the product pages for these updates. 

Q: How are DermiSorb Acne Care products shipped?

  A: All products are shipped USPS ground shipping. Your order will generally arrived in 2-5 business days. 


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