#1 Natural, Renewably-Sourced Exfoliating Skin Cleanser In The World!

What is DermiSorb Acne Care?

DermiSorb Acne Care is a revolutionary, absorbent and exfoliating cleanser that leaves your skin luxuriously soft and clean while being safe for both your skin and the environment.

Unlike man-made chemical products, DermiSorb Acne Care skin care is made from 89.3% renewably-sourced plant fibers which remove bacteria and germs safely and effectively, while leaving your skin smooth, clear, and moisturized.

Safe, Smooth, Clear and Clean Skin, Nature's way!

Were you aware, your skin sheds cells every minute of every day as part of its natural exfoliation process? In fact, your body's cell replacement approaches 50,000 cells every minute.  Acne, exposure-based damage, and harsh chemicals contained in most skin cleaners slow this natural process resulting in rough, dry, and potentially irritated skin.

Most commercial skin care products introduce a multitude of unnatural ingredients such as gels, acids, sugars, and petroleum-based products. Many of these ingredients are used to strip surfaces, preserve substances, or even dissolve minerals.  These ingredients found in competing products are absorbed into the skin; we use none of these chemical products.

Not only that, many of these ingredients are dangerous to the environment and unsafe for fresh water lakes and oceans, and their inhabitants.

DermiSorb Acne Care is delivered to you in a powder form. Unlike other products, DermiSorb Acne Care is not filled with any water or other liquids, most doing little more than adding weight - so you 'think' you're getting more product! (Watch the short video on the FAQ page...)

Simply dampen the area you intend to clean, add a small amount - around a quarter
-sized circle of powder - gently massage it in, and rinse. It's that simple! 

Tip: Wash with DermiSorb Acne Care twice daily for best results. ...When cleaning your face, make certain to clean your hands with DermiSorb, rinse them off and leave them damp before applying and gently rubbing onto your face. Rinse thoroughly, dry, and enjoy the cumulative results!

DermiSorb Acne Care is also your personal opportunity to help the Earth while providing you smooth, and beautifully clean skin.  Our environmentally safe, plant-based, absorbent skin care products exfoliate and cleanse your skin leaving it moisturized...bringing out your natural beauty.

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